Bored by editing similar images
over and over again?
Our AI-powered software helps you automate repetitive workflows,
so you can focus on things that truly inspire you.
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6 reasons to automate your workflow with Smart Edit:

It's an extension

Smart Edit doesn't aim to replace your favorite editing tool; it just enhances it by adding powerful automation features that can help your save time.

It's nondestructive

Smart Edit keeps an eye on an input folder you pick, instantly edits every image it detects, and saves the edited version wherever you like.

It's great for teams

Smart Edit can streamline multi-step edits across desktops by chaining workflows in a way that ensures seamless data flow throughout the process.

It's easy to use

While most editing tools take time to master, ours is so easy even Sjors could use it. Simply drop files into a folder and see edited copies magically appear.

It's truly portable

Smart Edit runs out of the box. No installation needed, no Internet connection required. Truly portable, take it with you wherever you go!

It's free forever

Smart Edit is free, no strings attached, pinky promise! If you love it and want to see it evolve, you can support future development with a voluntary donation.


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